Meet Your Chef

My name is Amy and I want to help you Eat Plant-Based and LIVE WELL!


Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. -- Hippocrates, father of medicine, 431 B.C

I believe that the simplest way to enjoy abundant health starts with eating nourishing living foods. I've personally seen the power of eating wholesome plant based meals on my health, as well as the health of those I love.

I've come to learn that  simple ingredients can nourish both body and soul. Sometimes the simplest foods are the most delicious.

I have over 10 years of experience cooking plant based meals for groups of all sizes, and if experience has taught me one thing, it’s that people (just like you) are desperate to make life simpler.

Every year more and more research comes out on the power of adding more plants to our diet. But for most of us it hard to know where or how to start.

In order to help you streamline your life AND improve your health, I help you take the overwhelm out of dinner so you can have more time for what’s important to you.

You can find me cooking throughout Davidson County.

In addition to cooking, I also teach in-home and community natural lifestyle cooking classes.