I'm Here for YOU

I want to help you take back all fibroids have taken from you.

You don’t have to be sick,

tired, & overwhelmed

You do not to have to continue to suffer.

Hysterectomies, invasive surgeries and drugs are not the only options to rid your bodies of the horrible invaders who have taken up residence in your womb.

It’s time to evict those freeloaders and make room for you to bring to life whatever it is that your fibroids are keeping from you.

You are ready to:

  • Learn how to eat foods that feed your body and soul (while starving your fibroids)
  • Create time for proper self-care to lower the stress that only nurtures the growths
  • Finally be on the path to having the energy to live the life you deserve.

Most of all, you want to quit being a victim of your condition, you want to take charge of your health and join the ranks of women who have reclaimed their wombs, improved their health and are living a life free of constant discomfort and pain.

The only problem is, right now you don’t know how to:

  • Choose (enjoyable tasty) foods that work to heal your body instead of aggravating your fibroids.
  • Make time to exercise so that you can release some of the weight that is contributing to nurturing your fibroids.
  • Choose the herbs that are best suited to combating the particular type of fibroids that have invaded your body.

Whether you’ve just found out that you have fibroids or you’ve been dealing with them for years, you work from home and have time or punch a clock and have to deal with the daily grind, you love to cook or can’t boil water, I can help.

Let Me

introduce myself



I have been able to avoid both C-section and later hysterectomy by putting into practice natural health and fibroid fighting principle of natural wellness.

I teach healthy soulful cooking, how to make time for exercise, simple natural habits and practices that have been proven to eliminate fibroid symptoms and shrink fibroid tumors in my program “THE Fibroid FIGHT”

I work with motivated women who are ready to take charge of their womb health through natural means. I work with women who refuse to hold up the white flag of surrender and disfigure or lose their wombs through invasive surgeries.

Most importantly I give my clients, the tools and confidence that they need to create lasting changes that will serve them now and in their future.

As a former fibroid sufferer who was able to shrink her fibroids and get relief from all symptoms in less than 3 months, I can help you wage a natural war against your fibroids.

I have been through your struggle.

I struggled for years, trying this thing and that thing to get relief from my painful heavy periods. Some worked, many didn’t. Then I was diagnosed with fibroids, when I was pregnant with my daughter. I learned all I could and did all I could (that was safe to do while pregnant) to keep them from growing so that I could avoid a C-section. It worked! I carried my daughter past her due date and naturally gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

I stuck with some of it but at the end of 2 years had stopped doing what had kept me well. The truth is, I use pieces of the plan, and that saved me from a C-section.

I didn’t realize . . .

  • How some “healthy foods” could be contributing to my fibroid growth.
  • The importance of the right exercise to keep my fibroids at bay.
  • The importance of making time for me and doing things to keep my stress low.

I was living my life

until. . .

I became sicker than I had ever been with stabbing pains that reminded me of labor. My periods were heavy and lasted for weeks. I knew something was very very wrong.

I went to my Gynecologist, she ordered an ultrasound. My fibroids had grown and multiplied. I had over a half-dozen ranging from the size of a walnut to the size of grapefruit.

She gave me my options:

  • Hysterectomy,
  • Myomectomy,
  • Leave them alone and continue to suffer. . .

My Choice

none of the above

I set out to find a plan, that would help me regain my health and give me relief from my fibroid symptoms.

I was on a mission to shrink my fibroids and become symptom free. I spent every free moment researching how to do just that.

I spent hundreds of dollars buying programs and books on and offline. Some plans made more sense and were more doable than others.

I knew there was an effective method of finding relief buried under all the hype and conflicting information.

So I buckled down and looked for the common themes. I used the ones that kept repeating and disregarded the fringe ideas.

Fast Forward

to today

My life is better than it has ever been. I not only won the battle against fibroids, I created a lifestyle that improved my over all health. This lifestyle has:

  • Normalized my periods.,
  • Helped me release close to 20 pounds.
  • Improved my mental and emotional health.
  • Given me more energy and stamina.
  • Helped me to remember to take time for myself.
  • And helped me to make changes that have improved the health of my family.

And now . . .

I want to help YOU achieve

the same results


I believe you deserve to live your best life! I want you to experience the freedom from the sickness, misery and pain that comes with being a fibroid sufferer!

If you are serious about naturally reducing or eliminating your heavy painful periods, frequent urination or constipation, pelvic pressure, bloating, and painful sex, the time is now.

Imagine how amazing it will be to not have to live your life around your fibroids and the symptoms and live a life without them. It’s your time to secure your future health and wellness. It’s time to start winning the fight.

I’m so passionate about helping you believe in your power to take charge of your health. You can do it. I’ve met so many women who have naturally relieved their symptoms and reduced the size of their fibroids. Hysterectomy and medical interventions are not the only options. You know this, otherwise you wouldn’t be looking for a different way. Start learning how to wage a winning war on your fibroid tumors!

I would like the privilege of teaching you the strategies and principles of effectively fighting fibroids over the next 3 months in my program “THE Fibroid FIGHT”